GASP Ep. 2

Marcel Bouie presents GASP (Great Awesome Sports Play), a sports entertainment show highlighting the world of sports from football, basketball, soccer, and more.   In episode 2 Bouie talks about the highly anticipated… Continue reading

Who Can Forget the Cosby’s

Yesterday, September 21st, the Cosby show celebrated their 30th anniversary . What the Cosby show has given to the black community, as well as the world, is a large as any contribution that the… Continue reading

Something to Listen to

This year has been a good year musically. almost every Tuesday a new album comes out and thanks to Spotify I have every album at my leisure. There are a few albums you… Continue reading

Balmain Spring 15

When I first started getting into  fashion I would go on to and look up brands I was familiar with , you know the Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Prada, etc. I… Continue reading

Counterpoint 2014

Counterpoint was another world and it felt good to be apart of the festival life. A festival is the essence of living lite. Care free and having fun is truly livin lite.  Before… Continue reading

Short Film: Bald Withdrawals

Bald Withdrawals is the  first of many original sketches that LiveLifeLite TV will bring.  In this silent dramatic comedy  the main character  can’t handle the fact the he is now bald. He still… Continue reading

Roman’s Bee Hive?

As if Beyoncé hadn’t mind blown the world enough with her album featuring hits: “Drunk in Love”, “Flawless” and “Blow, her remix of “Flawless” featuring Nicki Minaj is sure to satisfy any who… Continue reading

Jah K

I finally had a chance to sit down with singer songwriter Jah K. He was our first ever interview and story back in November, highlighting his newly released 20/20 vision taped.  I sat… Continue reading

Hands up Don’t Shoot

Hands up don’t shoot the nation screams Morning the lost of another black teen Hands up don’t shoot as the gun was drawn 2 shots to the upper body and about 4 to… Continue reading

Next Stop Givenchy

Erykah Badu’s entrance onto the scene as the new face of fashion house Givenchy was even more unexpected than Beyoncé’s midnight album drop. Badu’s acoustics and eclectic style has always attracted the public’s… Continue reading

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