Hands up Don’t Shoot

Hands up don’t shoot the nation screams Morning the lost of another black teen Hands up don’t shoot as the gun was drawn 2 shots to the upper body and about 4 to… Continue reading

Next Stop Givenchy

Erykah Badu’s entrance onto the scene as the new face of fashion house Givenchy was even more unexpected than Beyoncé’s midnight album drop. Badu’s acoustics and eclectic style has always attracted the public’s… Continue reading

A Genie Lives Forever

Sad news struck the world Monday afternoon when Oscar winning actor/comic Robin Williams was found dead in his California home, investigators claim that the death could have been a suicide. Williams was 63.… Continue reading

Past-Tense with Has-Beens

Here is a Crush Velvet Conversation from my brother The Penguin. Sit back and get the word. Please visit his site at http://www.thecrushvelvetclub.com  to see the vision of the world in the eyes… Continue reading


  A simple photo can show so many characteristics and display many emotions. Photos can speak volumes without saying a word. One photo can change someones life. Without this form of expression I don’t… Continue reading

Nothing to Be Nude

You would think that someone who received so much negative criticism would find themselves changing their ways and apologizing. If that is what you thought then you have never met Rihanna. For Rihanna… Continue reading

Indies Make The World Go Round 2

  I had a great opportunity to be apart of Indies Make the World Go Round 2, a live concert for indie artist put on by one of the hottest radio stations in… Continue reading

New Dance in NY got the street hot

One little dance move has been on all my IG  and Vine feeds with hilarious memes and I never knew where it was from until now. Brooklyn music artist Bobby Shumrda has the… Continue reading

Madame Cavalli

Madame Cavalli     Months ago the world received subtle hints from Rita Ora on her personal Instagram that she had a surprise in store for her fans. Yet as time passed and… Continue reading


LiveLifeLite will be introducing a new regime focusing on Music, Art, Culture, and Fashion; giving you write ups, pictures, interviews, and vlogs. We also will be introducing LiveLifeLite TV giving you original content.… Continue reading