See The World PEOPLE

I can’t believe its been over a year , but last August I was fortunate enough to go back to Europe. The last time I visited was in 2003 with my Aunt Michaele. My aunt took me to Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Frankfurt, Germany. Being a middle class black teenager in 8th grade visiting Italy and Germany wasn’t  a common occurrence. I don’t remember the trip in its entirety, just bites and pieces. The one thing I do remember is going to the Gucci store in Italy and buying my first Gucci hat. This was everything to me because 2003 was the era of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry Air Force One’s era; and there I was in Italy with real Gucci. I will always cherish that trip and I will cherish my recent European travels even more.

Reason: Wanted to go to Paris and London mainly.

Mood: Get the hell out of America for a little while

Who: Wanted to go with the homies, but no one had the funds or time so I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen. I’m not the travel alone type.

Drive: My friend Unique and some of her friends were going on a European tour to  visit Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, and Paris. I decided to join and thank God for Brittany my Delta plug, who was able to get me a REALLY cheap round trip. So, off I went.


The Trip


Barcelona was the first stop and it was beautiful, lively, and cultured. Whenever I go to a new city I like to put my stuff in my room and walk around to view the area I’m staying in. This is good to get acclimated to your surroundings. I went to the main street called La Ramblas where there were many shops, ranging from designer clothing to your local boutiques. I noticed the Asian community was well represented in the city. Many were tourist and it was a great site to see how deep they were. I was not going to start any trouble with any Asian person for sure. S/o to my German friend Christine who met up with me in Barcelona. Lite Vibes





La Sagrada Famila

Highlites: The architecture is second to none. The buildings are truly a work of art designed by Antoni Gaudi. La Pedreda, Parc Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Calvet, and La Sagrada Famila are the Gaudi buildings that I got a chance to see. If you can’t see them all in your travels make sure you check out La Sagrada Familia, a church that has been under construction since 1892 and is expected to be finished in 2030. I have never seen such a building, a church, and a piece of art that is so detailed and beautiful. Simply breath taking. Parc Guell takes stamina to reach seeing how it is at the very top of the city. Once you get to the top the view is amazing and well worth the voyage. Plus they’re escalators in the streets to help you reach the top. Major Key. To walk in the same stadium as the Dream Team did in the 92′ Olympics was pretty amazing as well.



Estadi Olimpic Stadium


Parc Guell

Amsterdam was the next stop on the European tour. When it comes to Amsterdam the famous quote from Marshawn Lynch comes to mind, “you know why I’m here” for the canals, bikes, and Anne Frank’s house obviously. The city area was pretty small so it was easy to get around. Amsterdam is famous for their coffee shops so I had to stop by and have some “coffee” with some waffles. The funny thing is that the shop didn’t have syrup and that was unfortunate because I always have syrup, but the waffle taste so damn good that I didn’t mind. Once again Asian tourist were prominent in Amsterdam. Not as many were in the Netherlands as Spain, but they made themselves known.





Highlites: The coffee shops were chill with good vibes. Rent a bike and ride around the streets, it’s the Holland way. If you like beer go to the Heineken brewery. Heineken taste so much better and to see how it is made was an experience to remember. I would suggest going on a tour on the canal, it isn’t Venice but you do get a little history lesson on Amsterdam. I cannot forget about the Red Lite District, which is popping 24 hours. The older women are in the windows during the day and the young ladies fill up each windows at night.Sex shops, sex museums, and real sex fill up the Red Lite District. The temptation was real, but I had to budget my money accordingly. LOL





My London stay felt so short because I spent most of a day traveling. My AirBNB host was from Charlotte, NC and she and her friends were very helpful. We all went out to a bar my first night. The bar was packed but the music was awful. I felt like I was trapped in a 90’s movie featuring Freddie Prince Jr. The music was house music from the 90’s. It killed my vibe so much. I just had to keep drinking and drinking.

IMG_4703 IMG_4711


IMG_4738 IMG_4695

Highlites: Riding the historic double decker bus was pretty cool. Talking to the locals about our buses, they thought it was very awkward that in the states the buses are only one level. The best part of my trip was visiting my favorite club soccer team stadium. I was able to get a tour of Stamford Bridge home of the one and only Chelsea Football Club. Going in the locker room, sitting in the press conference seat, and walking on the pitch like the players was so amazing. To be in the same locker room as Drogba, Hazard, Ronaldo, and Messi was very lite. I got invited to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace. She wasn’t home when I arrived, but it was just nice seeing how a Queen lives. All gold everything. It was truly overwhelming how big the gold fences are surrounding the palace. From the palace I took a stroll through the city and ended up at Big Ben. Big Ben looks amazing at night and right across the bridge from Big Ben is the London Eye. Many Asian tourist were in London as well. You see a pattern yet?


IMG_4743 IMG_4758 IMG_4766



The last stop on the tour was Paris, the city of love. There is so much to do in Paris and the city is just full of life. As soon as I got to my hotel I had to walk the Paris streets to get to know the city a little. My Paris stay was the longest because there was so much to see. Moving through the city wasn’t bad at all. Transportation in each city and country is so much better than Atlanta. I got around very easily. The crepes are simply amazing. Can someone teach me French please? Oui Oui


IMG_4975 IMG_5005 floating heavens


HighLites: When you’re in Pari you have to go to the Eiffel Tower. My first day I was at the Eiffel taking self timed pictures and people were looking at me crazy, Kanye Shrugs. Make sure you do a tour. My tour consisted of the Eiffel Tower with lunch in the tower, the Lourve Museum, and a canal tour. The lunch in the Eiffel was underwhelming. How can you have such a great setting and then serve mediocre food? It just didn’t add up, but being in the Eiffel was amazing. Up next was the Lourve Museum, which is underground and use to be a Chateau for the former Royal family. Very Dope I might add. When you go  to the Lourve there is one thing you must see and that is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo di Vinci. I heard stories about the Mona Lisa, but I had to see it for myself. That painting is so small and it was a mob of people trying to see it. I got my chance to dab in front it, but the painting was underwhelming compared to the other artwork in the museum. They’re such amazing paintings and sculptors too many to even see. The Lourve is a must see, but take your time if you’re not with a tour because I got lost so many times with my tour and it felt very rushed. Still a great experience. Also, many Asian tourist were in the museum and they were deep.  It was nice capturing how beautiful the city is from the canals. The most memorable part for me was putting a lock on the Pont De Arts. Last year the bridge was boarded up and many of the love locks are not scene. I put my lock on the side of the bridge with my deceased parents names Vickie, Mike, and my little sister Miko name. That was a special and very emotional moment for me and one I will never forget.

IMG_5318 IMG_5255 IMG_5172

I only went out my last night in the city, and I regret not going out every night because the city is so beautiful at night. The Arc de Triumphe and the Eiffel Tower Lite up the city. There were so many fancy cars and people roaming the streets. Not enjoying the night life more is my only regret from the trip, but on my next visit I’m going to a club and getting Lite.

One last thing that was another highlite of the trip. I was walking in the streets of Pigalle and I saw some black people by the store I wanted to go to. I introduce myself and give out my LiveLifeLite stickers. One of the guys said he’s scene the sticker before. This was a total shock to me. I’m all the way and Paris and someone knows my brand. I find out the guy is also from Atlanta and went to Morehouse. We have some of the same friends. How amazing is that? S/o to the dope photographer Spencer Charles for being out in Paris.


I stress to my black brothers and sisters. SEE THE WORLD. TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL. Carnival cruises are ok but its not the same as walking the streets in Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Plan a trip with your friends and if they can’t go just go by yourself. You will not regret it. I want to start seeing black Americans when I go out the country instead of Asians. (no disrespect to my Asian brutheran)

I write the post now because I’m off to Thailand and Tokyo with two of my best friends. I guess I put the battery in their back from my European tour. I can’t wait to share my experience with you all. S/o to Brandon and Justin for seeing the world with me. 3 the hard way The Poet, The Prophet, and The Savage.


What A Time to LiveLifeLite.


See the World People.