Music Monday: Bryson Tiller

The South has become a major influence in  the music industry, flooding the streets with the hurricane called “Trap Music.”

What happened to the Soul and R&B from the 90’s? What would it be like to have an artist take the completely southern, aggressive lyrical content of trap music, that is beloved and held dear by its fans, with soulful and rhythmic acoustics of the R&B sound? Who ever could think of and produce that sound would be the new father of music and a mogul of  innovation.

In the wake of this dream of a new culmination of Trap and R&B music, enters 22 year old singer/songwriter and Louisville, Kentucky native Bryson Tiller with his debut album TrapSoul.



TrapSoul was released October 2, 2015, reaching #11 on the Billboard top 200. It’s would seem as if Tiller appeared out of nowhere and just dropped a dope album, but that’s not trully the case.

Tiller has had a great online presence via Soundcloud, earning his hit single “Don’t” more than a million views with no label backing him. The music spoke for itself and paved its own way into the ears and hearts of listeners nationwide . “Don’t” was the first song Tiller recorded after buying the beat off soundclick. Tiller aka Pen Griffrey walked up to the plate and hit a homerun for his first at bat ever, or we may even call it a grand slam; being that “Don’t” is doing numbers and Trapsoul is a play all the way through type of album.

From Snapchat, to vine, and instrgram people are playing Tillers music. Regardless if their intent is to share, enjoy, or ridicule Tiller; he is streaming and clearly a face that will soon become a household name.