1800 HotLineBling 1800 HotLineBling


Unfortunately, as of late my hot line has not been blinging, but Drake’s must be with his single “HotLine Bling” that is steady climbing up the charts.

Last evening the 6 God dropped the highly anticipated “HoteLine Bling video, throwing the media sphere into a frenzy.  This guy is in a special zone right now and 6 God truly has the “Mitus Touch.”

The stylistic elements of the video were tasteful and well thought out. Drizzy was feeling himself in this video; keeping it light and apparently having fun. Why shouldn’t he have fun? He is killing the game right now and is entitled to some repose.

The ever-changing lightbox coupled with the backdrop made the video for me. Everything tied in so well with the song. The silhouettes of the beautiful women in the video was a nice touch and could only be expected of Drizzy.

The solo with the “Serena Williams” look alike was an entertaining scene and possibly even a statement. I mean, they are both leaders of their prospective professions. Thinking of it, I do wonder was it really Serena?

This post was written by Mr. LiveLifeLite himself, Marcel Bouie. Follow him on Twitter @SPlivelifelite and on Instagram @livelifelite.