Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Balmain Is Coming

Balmain has taken Paris fashion week by storm and too no prisoners. “The Military God” , Oliver Rousteing’s first menwear runway show, left all in attendance in a world of awe. Lily Tempton… Continue reading

The Leftover Tape

Atlanta is  highly represented in the rap industry because it is the mecca in the South even now more than ever. The newly released XXL freshman class has three out of ten Atlanta… Continue reading

It Ain’t G-d Like

We were made in his image, that we must never forget. This is a testament not only to our virtues but also to our pursuits and conquests as we seek to build our… Continue reading

Filthy Rich in Humility

“Have more than you show, speak less than you know, lend less than you owe.” A quote by made in Shakespear’s King Lear that was made over four hundred years ago, and yet… Continue reading

Look Into the Mirror and Away From the Crowd

From childhood you will often be accosted with the expression “be yourself.” It is heard so much that it has largely become cliché. Yet, do not turn your backs on this phrase. It was breed in… Continue reading

It Aint For Amateurs

You always sit through the credits; that is if you’re a professional Media critic. But an amateur would get up as soon as the movie ended, and easily be identified by the elite… Continue reading

Grab the Purple, I’m Outta Orange

Orange is the New Black star Danielle Brookswill be making her Broadway debut alongside Jennifer Hudson and British actress Cynthia Erivo in the musical version of The Color Purple. Taystee , as she… Continue reading

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