New Fashion: Meet The Corvan Collection

I had a chance to sit down with the Atlanta fashion duo Elmore Cornell and Ivan Pearson, the brains behind The Corvan Collection. I met the guys at my fundraiser in January and I was really amazed by the presentation of their collection. I had to sit down with them.

The Corvan Collection provides the tools neccesary for a man to experience the modern touch and become a stylish gentlemen. The collection includes garments consisting of: bow ties, neck ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, bracelets, and any other accesory a gentleman would need on a daily basis. The craftsmanship along with the techniques used to put pieces together sets The Corvan Collection apart from other designers.

The duo has a great eye for unique fabrics, which they use create neck wear that pops and is pleasing to the eye.

Cornell is the stylist and brand marketer, while Pearson sews the garments. This structure has been working for the partners as the business continues to  expand.

Entering the interview I thought the brand has been out for a few years being that their collection is so broad and well put together, but I was way off. The duo have only been designing for a year. I can only  imagine where they will be in the next three years. The sky is the limit.

The duo’s future plans are to get their collection manufactured and to have their own store.

How can you get a hold of these fine fashion garments? Just visit

The brand will be in Phipps Plaza this summer.

Click the link below to watch the interview.