When It’s Not So Lite

night 4

FML! Are you serious?! I’m over it!

Just a few phrases that are thrown out when you feel that your backs are up against a wall.

For some this occurs more often than not. Especially in the case of creative individuals. In the pursuit of recognition, fame, glory, or whatever it is that drives people, many often feel overwhelmed. Even when things happen that are completely unrelated to your talent and you building that talent, it is not unusual for creative individuals to enter a moment of despair.

Because the lives of musicians, actresses, writers,(or any other creative individual) are so intertwined with their emotional state any disruption can cause a complete block of creative ability.

The goal of the creative individual is to not let life’s hurdles destroy their creative processes. Instead of saying “I’m ok”, you have to learn to actually be ok.

Many will put up a façade and try to appear unfazed. This will do nothing for you but add to your stress. So, this is to say its okay to have a bad day, but don’t let a bad day be anymore than that.

Step away, think about things, and return ready to be proactive. As you face your demons you have to fight the frustration and see the light at the end of the tunnel. When all else fails, throw yourself into whatever you love. Instead of shutting down with your emotions, let them be the fuel to your creativity.  It is only at your lowest moments that you can think of your greatest heights.

Don’t’ be great in an effort to be better than anyone else. Don’t be “ok” just to appear unbothered. Don’t let life take your lite. Don’t quit. If you must cry, wipe your face, and then throw yourself fully into your creative pursuits.

It’s not always lite outside, but it isn’t always dark either.

This post was written by Reginald Calhoun. He is a junior Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. Follow him on Twitter @IRMarsean and on Instagram @Les_geaux_jawn