Keep In Mind Im An Artist…

Art in it’s numerous forms has been around for nearly entirely all of mankind’s existence. Whether drawings, music, or dance, art has been a never ending companion to artists throughout history.

With its unwavering prevalence in the world it is not uncommon to see images that overlap or resemble one another closely. With that we see people are quick to call others “thieves” or “copy cats”; when in reality that person may just have shared a similar idea but was slower in it’s execution. Or, that person was truly inspired by that piece and chose to recreate it.

Art, or shall we say true art should have the ability to lasts over generations. Whether maintaining itself in its original form, or being displayed in a novel way. Art should be able to be reborn. However, a true artists will take an existing template and make it their own. In this way, you can see what the inspiration was while also seeing the piece as its own distinct from the original. In essence, you give it a new face. A face that resembles what it means to you.

Art will also speak to what’s going on in the world.

An example of the rebirthing of art, would be the work of Marcus Prime. Prime gives us original, and artistically explicit, images as well as redefining images that are widely known. Prime’s ability to do so first presented itself to me while lazily, and uninterestedly, scrolling though Instagram when suddenly I found myself face to face with Goku (from Dragon Ball Z). However, this Goku was black and a woman.

(Photo Credit: @markusprimelives on Instagram.)

(Photo Credit: @markusprimelives on Instagram.)

Initially i was interested, but after a few double taps and scrolls i was completely taken over by Marcus Prime’s images, some familiar and others not but still awe inspiring.

Marcus Primes X Men. (Photocredit: @marcusprimelives on Instagram.)

Marcus Primes X Men.
(Photocredit: @marcusprimelives on Instagram.)

Aside from familiar images, Prime also displays the lengths that his imagination is able to go with his other creations. Some, speaking to things close to home for many of us. Marcus Prime is able to be creative, funny, and informative all at once through the power of art. Not giving way to criticism or conventional standards, Prime remains true to himself and his art.

(Photocredit: marcusprimelives on instagram)

(Photocredit: marcusprimelives on instagram)

Art requires an artist to be imaginative, courageous, and above all to be true. True to their passion, true to their fans and critics, but above all true to themselves. Only then can an artists give something to the world that can be truly appreciated.


(Photo credit: @marcusprimelives on Instagram.)

Marcus Prime 4

(Photo credit: @marcusprimelives on Instagram.)

For more images please visit @marcusprimelives on instagram or at Marcus Prime Collection.

As always, keep it lite.

This post was written by Reginald Calhoun. He is a junior Mass Media Arts major at Clark Atlanta University. Follow him on Twitter @IRMarsean.