YE got it ALL DAY

Kanye West is letting the world know that this year he wont be stopped no matter what. His new Yeezy Boost dropped and sold out within 30 minutes shutting down the Adidas website. Kanye finally had an opportunity to showcase his fashionable creative side by debuting his full fashion collaboration with Adidas during New York Fashion week with his Yeezy army. During fashion week Ye was invited to the 40th anniversary of SNL for a debut performance of his second single Wolves featuring Vic Mensa and  Sia. The performance was very intriuging as Kanye was rapping on his back with an all black floor and 3 bright white screens as if he were in a box. Sia and Vic Mensa crawled out from the blacked out sides of the stage. It was something different and dope, but that is what we expect from Ye.

Kanye has been in London for fashion week and the Brit Awards. Ye had a performance for the Brit Awards and he Shut IT DOWN. Many fans have had mixed feelings from the first two tracks he has released, “Only One” and “Wolves” , but his new track “ALL Day’ will have the radio, the streets, and the club turnt up  ALL DAY. This was the song the people knew was coming, but were very skeptical due to the more slow auto tune tracks he has put out. The song was great but the performance was powerful. Ye is very outspoken when it comes to his beliefs on soceity and culture, but he let his performance due all the talking. In a 90 percent white crowd Ye had 100 black men with all black outfits and hoodies on the stage having fun. You have to see pass the flame throwers and the turn up to see the message behind that performance. This performance was during the week of Trayvon Martin’s death. Ironic, not at all.


Music is a machine of passion and emotion that brings cultures together. To see over 100 black men dressed in all black attire wearing black hoodies having a great time in a room fully rich white people makes a huge statement about the power of music.


Kanye gave the world the name of his album, “So Help Me God” and his album artwork this weekend via twitter. West’s cover art is apparently a 13th Century monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary .

YOY = Year Of Yeezy