Stuart Scott: Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

Stuart Scott - SportsCenter

Sports are an integral part of our society and act as link between people of different cultures, genders, and ethnicities; drawing them all together to watch and root for their favorite athlete or team. Sports are where life begins and ends for many, and often sports commentators in a way become part of the family. Some commentators are talented enough to make you follow them just as much as the sport itself. One such commentator who became a friend, mentor, and hero to many Americans was lost Sunday morning.

Stuart Scott, 49, passed away Sunday morning due to complications caused by cancer. Scott had already overcome two battles with the disease, but this third stint took its toll on the ESPN sports broadcaster.

Numerous personages, including President Obama and Michael Jordan, paid their respects to the iconic broadcaster on Sunday. During the NFL wild card and NBA basketball games on Sunday there was a moment of silence held to honor Stuart Scott.

Scott was the bridge that brought swag to sports broadcasting with his trademark catch phrases, “Cool as the other side of the pillow,” and “Boo-Yah!”

Dan Patrick, a former colleague of Scott said that Scott brought his best everyday no matter what his condition was.

The North Carolina Tar Heel graduate worked for ESPN for over 20 years bringing the viewer a sense of excitement, comfort, and a new way to interpret sports news. Many athletes today grew up watching Scott.

I will never forget Scott’s 2014 ESPN speech given when accepting the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. I, like many others, was unaware that he had cancer and the struggle he faced daily battling the disease while working and raising two girls; a feat that is nothing short of amazing. Scott’s speech hit home because my own mother, who passed in 2013 of cancer was fighting, working, and raising two kids for thirteen years while having breast cancer. My mother lived so long with stage 4 cancer because of us. We, her children, gave her life and she didn’t want to leave us until she knew we would be fine. Scott’s speech brought me to tears that night and I cried Sunday when ESPN played it because that speech truly touched my heart and it will each time it is shown. Scott once said,
“When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

I got word of Scott’s passing via Instagram and I literally dropped my phone, turned the music down, and road to work in silence in disbelief feeling sad and hurt like I had lost a friend. How can someone evoke such emotions from me without knowing or meeting me? That just shows the effect Scott had on his viewers. We were family as soon as the Sports Center jingle came on because we shared a common love for sports and also broadcasting. The Sports Center studio was Scott’s home and he brought me and millions into to his house to talk, laugh, and watch sports.
I and the LiveLifeLite family would like to say thank you Stuart Scott for being a mentor and trendsetter to young black men like myself who have dreams of being a sportscaster. Our prayers go out to your family. The lord said “you’ve got to rise up.” When you rose there was no more pain and no more cancer. Peace & Love #RestInPeace #LiveLifeLite

-Marcel Bouie.