The Real is Back

J Cole opens up his third studio album 2014 Forest Hills Drive by letting the people know, ” the Real is back” If you’re a hip hop fan you must agree.

600_1416201025_jcole_artwork_64 J.-Coles-2014-Forest-Hills-Drive-First-Week-Sales-Projections

Cole approached this album much differently from his first two. All year long he went ghost in the industry, not putting out any music of his own or being featured on any and then poof he releases an album cover and a release date about two weeks prior to the album dropping. I wonder if HOV had something to do with that seeing how wifey Beyonce did the same thing. Interesting  right.

Cole wasn’t about number’s this album. All of the focus was on the music and that message was loud and clear from beginning to end. The picture Cole paints with each song is so detailed and descriptive.  I’ve never been on itunes before to see all reviews 5 stars and there were over 3k reviews.

In my opinion Cole is this generations Pac, but a  more toned down shy version of the legend. That political real raw hip hop has been missing and Cole is bringing it  back to the forefront. He is letting people know he is tired of the industry putting out this trash that is polluting the people.


No promo, no singles, no features, no gimmicks. Just real music. That looks like a successful manuscript for Cole seeing how he has the #1 album and the largest first week debut for a hip hop album this year. Forest Hills Drive also broke a record on Spotify for having the most streams in the first week at 15.7 million surpassing One directions record of 11.5 streams.


If you haven’t heard the album you’re loafing. If you haven’t seen this interview with Angie Martinez you’re loafing. Get hip and #LiveLifeLite