I’m Not surprised

After months of anticipation, protest, rallies, and prayer late Monday evening St. Louis County grand jury finalized their decision against David Wilson, 28 year old white officer who killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 was Not Indicted on criminal charges.

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCullough at a live news conference with reporters from around the world. Once the decision was made there was a large uproar outside the Ferguson Police Department.  Many people were outrage on the decision of the grand jury and officers didn’t know what to expect, but they prepared for the worst. As officers stood outside with riot gear protesters started to throw rocks, bottles, and other objects. The officers fired back with tear gas that dispersed some of the protesters and news members. It didn’t stop there.  The people of Ferguson flooded the streets with broken hearts filled with anger as the system failed Black America once again.  Chants were loud, police cars were flipped, and local Ferguson business were getting torched by flames.



“I didn’t foresee an evening like this,” said St. Louis county Police Chief  Jon Belmar


I don’t agree to the burning of the local business and flipping over the cars (no problem with police cars), but I’m not mad at it either.  People have to realize the man wants us to do those things. They want the ignorant people to trash their own community because it validates their stereotypes.

When I saw the verdict I felt empty and hopeless. As a  young black man I feel personally affected by what happened in a small way because it could have been me. The black community is so tired of the bullshit system that was never made for us in the first place. The protest are not working, the court system is not working so people are going to act out and be seen and heard because police brutality against black men happens to often and the officers abusing their power are not held accountable for their actions. There is a still a stigma in America from slavery. The legacy of slavery is still present in our world. White people are better than black people. Not every person thinks like that, but I believe a higher percentage do than don’t. It can be subconsciously. We as blacks are still oppressed and still do not have a voice in this country even with a black president. The “change” that was promised is very diluted and unclear.

It’s sad that most people knew that David Wilson would get off for murdering Michael Brown, but some still had hope and faith that there will be justice. The reaction was “I’m not Surprised” but the feeling was pain. I wonder if The Change Sam Cooke was talking about will ever come, because its been a long time coming. I hope it does when my kids enter this world. If it isn’t I will be in a position with a voice.  #factsonly