Chris Brown & Trey Songs Announce “Between the Sheets Tour”




While hosting an event earlier this week at the  House of Blues, Chris Brown and Trey Songz announced there upcoming “Between the Sheets Tour.” The announcement was made after the two performed their remix of “Tuesday” and Brown’s  single “Loyal.”It was also announced that  Tyga will be a part of the tour.

The “Between the Sheets Tour” will mark the 10th anniversary of the Virginia natives first tour together in 2005. Seeing both of their growth over the past decade should only be an indicator of the greatness that should be expected from their upcoming tour. With neither of the artist being  known to be shy, this tour should be quite the experience and we can only expect that it will uphold its name. In an interview with MTV, Brown had a word of advice for the fellas thinking of bringing their girlfriends to the show:

“I would have to commend the guy who brings they girl to our show.Because it takes a lot of guts and security within himself to be able to watch his female fan-out and have an amazing time and almost, sort of fantasize, in a way, about us on stage.”

It would be impressive if fellas decide to bring their girls.

You very brave, and I commend you for it, sir, whoever comes out to the show.”

What may seem like Brown being arrogant may actually be a helpful word of advice. Any who have witnessed a woman damn near lick the screen during Chris Browns “Take You Down” video or hit repeat on Trey Songz “Love Faces” or “Scratchin Me Up” would know the intoxicating affect that they have on the female masses.
The tour will comprise 25 cities and kick off Jan. 28 in Hampton, Va. To all who intend to be a part of it enjoy. And to all the fellas who plan on surprising their girls, you have been warned.