Art in the “A”

It’s Monday, sometime in March and I’m scheduled to do an open mic try out for 107.9 which is held at Apache Cafe on Spring and 3rd street. I arrive a couple hours early because the lines for the showcases are usually hectic. I found parking a block up and walk down to Apache and noticed there were already cars parked on the street and people by the door. I thought to my self, this couldn’t be the showcase because it is never on time or early. I paid my five dollar entry and the first thing a saw were breast, yes beautiful black breast and I have no clue what I just got myself into. I saw photos flashing and artist sketching. This was my first time ecxperiencing live visual art and I truly thought it was amazing. Lights dim, jazz playing, cold drinks, and visual art; I was going up on Monday. I asked around to see who puts this together and I met Heather Lashun, a photographer and musician from Carrolton, Ga. I was so overwhelmed by the experience that I had to do an interview because the event she puts on directly correlates to LiveLifeLite.


Months later I sat down with Heather during another event she was putting on through Bohemian Circus, “an Interactive Art Evening introducing the visual, performance and underground arts. Including drawings, paintings and fine art photography. This avant-guard evening mixes artist receptions, community figure drawing classes, live experimental jazz and electronic music, and dj’s all while dinning. Truly a different visual art experience.”

Heather grew up in the church playing the piano, coming from a line of musicians in her family, but as she got older she feel in love with another art and that was photography.  Three years ago she took over the Bohemian Circus events at Apache Cafe adding new events as the years have gone by. The art scene has grown in the metro area, “A lot of people do it, but just don’t know about it.” says Heather. “It” pertaining to art events has grown in a positive manner through out the city. Bohemian Circus has scene some of the growth by receiving more support and having larger turn outs each Monday.


Who are some of your favorite photographer?

James Pennie, Vincient christie, Robert McGlon, Rodney Lewis, Seats…


What is your dream?

To travel and do photography.


You can check out the Bohemian Circus every Monday at Apache Cade on #rd Street and Spring. Doors open at 7pm. To see Heather’s photographer go to




Below is a video interview and showcase of Heather and the events thrown by bohemian Circus