Enter The Sound Museum


Enter the Sound Museum at your own risk where you may get lost in the real, the production, and the turn up. The Florida trio Marcus Brown, Spencer and Adam Rogers aka The Makers drop their second compilation Sound Museum consisting of 25 total tracks. SM is a different vibe and sound from the first project Happy Hour that dropped earlier this year. The growth in content, stories, production, and flow is evident. The trio is still finding their sound and lane, but they are definitely putting in the work and going in the right direction.


The title in itself, “Sound Museum” is genius and the artwork is the icing on the cake. In any museum there will be different forms of art usually in a high quantity so the 25 tracks makes perfect sense. That amount of tracks is not usually seen nowadays, but The Makers do their own thing and that’s what sets them apart from others. Music is an art and they recognize that from the production to the lyrics and  cover artwork. SM is full of different sounds from turn up tracks,  soulful tracks, and tracks that just have a  good vibe, but check it out for yourself. “Just Listen


From The Makers

“I’m very personal and open. So the music has to be that way.
See what we see, feel what we feel. Almost as if you are seeing our perspective through a camera lens.
Each story I want you to feel as if you are there. Every message I want you to visualize and each sound I want you to get lost in.
In order to do this…You have to know who we are in and out.
That’s what this project is… We are stripping away all the egos, personas, fronts and delivering who we are on each and every song. It channels the highs and the lows… Both sides of the spectrum. The wild crazy nights you live for and wish you could remember. The failed relationships with people you wish you could forget. It’s the drugs and the liquor. But it’s also emotional and expressive. It is a deep introspective outlook on coming into your own. When we create music…We visually see the sounds… so each song has a unique vibe and feel. We prefer to be genre-less. Listening track by track is almost like viewing art in a gallery or museum. Every time you take a glance you will find something new.”