Why so Childish



S T N  M T N


Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover drops his latest project S T N M T N better known as Stone Mountain hosted by DJ Drama. I personally think it’s cool to know the local references that Gambino mentions being from Stone Mountain myself.

As a fan of hip hop I like this Gangsta Grillz tape and as a Gambino fan I enjoyed the project. On a Gangsta Grill mixtape it is always tradition for the artist to go in on a  throwback production and Gambino selected some Atlanta classics from Ludacris smash hit “Southern Hospitality” to local street banger “Nextel Chirp”. Hearing those beats with some other classics that are featured on the tape brought me back in time and I loved it.

Gambino is a very underrated hip hop artist in the game from my perspective. He produces, has bars, has flow, has wits, and has a comedic presence. He can also sing, holding notes better than Drake. Gambino is very confident in his talents and he is not afraid to tell his listeners on his tracks. In today’s world we like to compare people to former legends, peers, or rivals  and I would compare him to Kanye West. If you listen to his last album 3005, which was very LITE by the way, you may agree with my comparison. Their style is very compatible and as a fan of both I would liked to see them work together.


Stone Mountain will be bumping through my speakers for the next couple of weeks. Take a listen and #LiveLifeLite







Marcel Bouie