Welcome to the Mic Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou. (Photo Credit: Google Images.)

Dr. Maya Angelou. (Photo Credit: Google Images.)

The work of the late Dr. Maya Angelou is to become a  13 song hip-hop album.

The album is titled Caged Bird Songs. The songs are produced by Shawn Rivera and RoccStar. Rivera is the lead singer of R&B group AZ Yet. RoccStar is best known for co-writing “Fine China” by Chris Brown.

The two men have taken excerpts from Maya Angelou’s I know Why  the Caged Bird Sings and turned them into songs. Maya Angelou’s grandson, Colin A. Johnson, explained that his grandmother was in love with the concept of the album and supported it’s creation fully. He is quoted as saying:

“Grandma loved it from the beginning…These guys were inspired by grandma’s work, which many people are, and felt like giving it a different medium of delivery to make it more obtainable to a larger group of people.She loved it and was excited to hear more about what they wanted to do…She had a lot of energy around it “

Dr. Maya Angelou. (Photo Credit: Google Images.)

Dr. Maya Angelou. (Photo Credit: Google Images.)


The work on the album initially started without Angelou’s knowledge, but once she heard of it she backed it completely, allowing it to be recorded in her home and lending her vocals.

It is hoped that delivering Angelou’s awe inspiring words through a musical platform will allow her work to reach a wider audience. Many people would never pick up a book of poetry without first being told to do so, which would leave many untouched by Angelou’s word. This album will also aid in Angelou’s work becoming familiar with different audiences as many of Angelou’s books were banned from public schools.

It is good to know that the world will still be able to enjoy Maya Angelou for many years to come.

The album  is set to be released November 4 of this year through Smooch Music.

This post was written by Reginald Calhoun. Follow him on Twitter @IRMarsean.