Knowles Should Know Better


Beyoncé’s and Solange’s father, Mathew Knowles, has made headlines again with the surfacing of another woman claiming to have a child that was fathered by him.

This past July Mathew Knowles was the subject of a paternity suit, which claimed that he had impregnated thirty year old TaQuoya Branscomb. Branscomb claimed that Mathew was the father of her child Koi Branscomb.

Following a judge ordered paternity test it was revealed that Mathew Knowles was in fact the father of TaQuoya Branscomb’s child. This turn of events also revealed that baby Koi was conceived shortly after Mathews divorce from Tina Knowles.

Ironically, Mathew and Tina were divorced due to his earlier problems with infidelity. One indiscretion also led to the birth of his third child Nixon Alexander Knowles. The birth of this first child left Mathew paying child support to Alexandra Wright, baby Nixon’s mother.

TaQuoya has filed suits against Knowles following her successful paternity suite asking for child support as well as the coverage of her court expenses. However, she may find herself disappointed. Knowles child support payments to baby Nixon’s mother have recently been reduced do to a drop in Mathew’s income. A drop of income that many be attributed to Beyoncé dropping her father from her management team.

Hopefully Mathew will learn his lessons and their will be no more members added to the Knowles family, unless they come from his adult daughters.