Who Can Forget the Cosby’s


Yesterday, September 21st, the Cosby show celebrated their 30th anniversary .

What the Cosby show has given to the black community, as well as the world, is a large as any contribution that the Martin Luther Kings and Malcolm X’s gave to us. The Cosby’s presented us with the notion that a black family could be upper middle class, closely knit, and educated. This view contradicted the often stereotyped black family who were disenfranchised, poverty stricken, and completely ignorant.

The show was the epitome of Living Life Lite. There was always a laugh to be had and the Cosby’s did not shy away from their blackness to fit into “white” America. Instead the Cosby’s promoted blackness by showcasing black artists, musicians, and dancers.

The Cosby’s gave the black community a sense of togetherness as well as pride in the values, that many of us were raised with, being broadcast to the world on a national level.

The Cosby’s are owed a great thank you for all that they gave to the black community as well as what they presented to the rest of the world. The Cosby’s showed that we can be black, without being niggas. Later generations who won’t know the Cosby’s will have truly missed out on a great opportunity to become acquainted with what it truly is to be a black family in America.