Something to Listen to

This year has been a good year musically. almost every Tuesday a new album comes out and thanks to Spotify I have every album at my leisure. There are a few albums you should take a listen to when you have the time.


   Jhene Aiko – Souled Out –Just came out September 9th and social media is  already  raving about her debut album. Aiko has a soothing voice that just draws a listener in. Songs like To Love & Die and It’s Cool are prime examples. A nice album for someone who is in   love or lost love. She has great writing because her songs are so relatable.


  Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour – Hit single Stay With Me has been doing numbers.   When a white pop star starts getting plays on hip hop stations he/she has a hit and Mr. Smith  has a hit in Stay With Me, but there is more where that came from. The title of the album  speaks for itself. A lonely man looking for love.  With a voice like Smith it shouldn’t be that  hard to find love and latch on to it.



Jeezy – Seen It All – Jeezy does it as he always does it, gives you great production, takes  you to the trap, and spits something real.  The first single “Seen It All” ft Jay-z sets a great tone for the album. Most of the songs don’t reach the hit making ability as Seen it All, but  songs like Holy Ghost, Me Ok, and Beautiful bump. Lyrically Jeezy has grown over the  years and you will be able to see that in this album.



Wiz Khalifa – Black Hollywood – wiz dropped his third official studio album this year “Black Hollywood” This is your typical Wiz album, mellow and       turnt up with good melodies and a nice flow. The song I can relate to the most is “No Gain”. Smooth production and a great motivating message. Album features Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Project Pat, Ty Dolla $ign, Curren$y, and Chevy Woods.





Common -Nobody Smiling – This album has been out since July and I still bump it in the car. Album executive produced by No ID so you know it rides. Common is so underrated it’s a damn shame. He has been in the game so long and has been consistent year after year bringing the knowledge with the ill flow. The album is a must listen to without a doubt.






Marcel Bouie #LiveLifeLite