Counterpoint 2014

Counterpoint was another world and it felt good to be apart of the festival life. A festival is the essence of living lite. Care free and having fun is truly livin lite.  Before going to Counterpoint I have never been to a festival of this sort and I have never heard of this particular one, but I’m so glad I went and I will definitely be going again.


The main reason for me purchasing a ticket was to see the great Outkast duo, J. Cole,  Janelle Monae, Flux Pavilion, Major Lazer and Phantogram because those were the only artist I knew on the line up.


Outkast had the place going nuts when they hit the stage performing hits from Rosa Parks to Ms. Jackson. It was an honor to see them back together. J. Cole is one of my favorite artist and when I wasn’t able to catch him at the Dollar and A Dream tour I was tight, but it was cool to see him perform and put on a great show. Janelle Monae, one word, “AMAZING”. She can put on a show. I thought her entire band  left the stage at one point and  suddenly they started to rise from the ground. I thought that was so dope. They were on the ground for ten min and I had no idea. The best part of her performance was when she jumped off the stage into the crowd  grabbed someones sign and started pumping it in the air. She won me over with that. Phantogram and Flux Pavilion were nice to see live. Both artist put on a great show especially when it comes to the stage lightning. Major Lazer was crowd surfing in a ball. I never seen that before. That was crazy.

Going to this event opened my eyes to EDM, not to say I never listened to Dubstep or EDM, but this was truly an experience to remember.  Artist such as Krewella, A-Trak, Wolfgang Gartner, GTA, and more that I have never heard before really blew me away with their musical ear and what they were able to create. Rich Homie Quan who is very different from all the artist I just named really surprised me with his set. I enjoyed his performance and gained more respect for what he creates musically. I didn’t realize he had so many radio bangers.

The best part of this experience was getting a note from a random girl that said “You are Loved“. That made my entire Counterpoint experience.

Below is a video that shows the amazing experience that I had camping, drinking, and raging. You can’t go wrong with that combo.. #LiveLifeLite


Marcel Bouie