Roman’s Bee Hive?

As if Beyoncé hadn’t mind blown the world enough with her album featuring hits: “Drunk in Love”, “Flawless” and “Blow, her remix of “Flawless” featuring Nicki Minaj is sure to satisfy any who still felt that they “expected” more from Bee. Not only does the remix feature Nicki, but it also references Jay Z and Solange’s elevator blow up. Bee’s album has already been largely controversial because of its unexpected release, racy lyrics, as well as for its introduction of an energetic and slightly more ratchett Beyoncé.

The original version of “Flawless”, which is introduced with Beyoncé’s “Bow Down”, made a large statement on gender roles and the place of woman in society. While many may have missed this point when it was made in the sample of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche speech “We should all be feminists” that was included in the song, no one failed to grasp the concept when Beyoncé exclaims “I woke up like this.” This saying is more than a quote that states “I am a bad bitch” and more of an act of empowerment to people, pushing them to be self-confident and not be restricted by society and its unwritten rules on life, style, and conduct. Featuring Nicki Minaj only added to an already powerful statement but also delivered it in a way that would appeal to and be understood by public.

Nick as usual delivers an amazing verse and like the rest of the song emphasizes that women should be celebrated, saying “They just love bad bitches that be on the grizzly.” In other words, women who are out making moves and collecting their own coins are looked up to and sought after. Nicki and Bee also do not forget to read all of their nay Sayers. In a time when everyone is always comparing who is “badder” or the “better” lyricist, Nicki Minaj says “ The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen B”, which recognizes them as equals and worthy of their fame each in their own right.

The “Flawless” remix has, like the rest of the album, gave us a glimpse of a wittier Beyoncé. As all have sat in confusion as to what happened during that widely viewed elevator ride, Beyoncé references this in a remix of her verse which says “Of course some time shit goes down when there is a billion dollars on an elevator.” While many may not view this pun as an explanation for what took place some may see it as Bee saying the money doesn’t change us and even with what we have we still have issues like everyone else.

While the world has been widely receptive to the remix and any club in Atlanta that this song is played in instantly turns all the way up, there are some people who are not happy about it at all. Lil Kim and Nicki have had a long standing beef and the “Flawless” remix did nothing to remedy the situation. Instead Lil Kim launched her own remix of “Flawless” where she expresses her disbelief that Nicki Minaj has addressed herself as “The Queen of Rap”, which is a title that Lil Kim is apparently not letting go. Instead of being a song built for empowerment, it has been used to shade and shame another woman.