A Genie Lives Forever

Sad news struck the world Monday afternoon when Oscar winning actor/comic Robin Williams was found dead in his California home, investigators claim that the death could have been a suicide. Williams was 63.


Robin Williams could light up a room with his charisma. Being funny seemed so natural to him on and off the screen.  He was a talented person especially when it came to making voices. From box office hits such as Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire and many more; we fell in love with Williams time after time being drawn to his character whether serious, funny, or animated. Robin will live on forever (he’s a genie) through his great collection of work he has given this world for many years. Go home and put on your favorite Robin Williams  movie and you will feel his presence and spirit as your laughing your but off.  Peace and Love


GeniE-1tf5sq6Robin-Williams-robin-williams-23618012-800-1000FILMS... Mrs Doubtfire (1993); Robin Williams pictured as Mrs Do



Marcel Bouie #LiveLifeLite