#weloveatl 2


A simple photo can show so many characteristics and display many emotions. Photos can speak volumes without saying a word. One photo can change someones life. Without this form of expression I don’t know if this world would function. I know it’s a very bold statement, but photography is that much important to our society and the non-profit organization #WeLoveAtl knows it.


“The goal of #weloveatl is to bring the citizens of Atlanta together to tell simple & authentic photographic stories of their love for the city and the people who inhabit it.” http://www.weloveatl.org


I heard about #weloveatl while watching the news and I thought it was cool and honorable what foundersTim Moxley, Brandon Barr and Aaron Coury were doing. They have a mobilized photo gallery where fellow Atliens can purchase photos and the proceeds will be donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.


“It’s not part of our agenda, per se, to market the city,” Barr says. “Our agenda is to pull together really talented people and let them tell their stories and then reflect their stories back onto the community. What’s been so amazing is how much I’ve been surprised by the talent that appears every time we give up the reins and try to just empower the community.” bittersouthern.com


You can check out some amazing photos of Atlanta by following @weloveatl on instagrm. Be sure to follow and maybe one of your pictures can grasp the attention of #WeLoveAtl