New Dance in NY got the street hot

One little dance move has been on all my IG  and Vine feeds with hilarious memes and I never knew where it was from until now.


Brooklyn music artist Bobby Shumrda has the streets on fire with his new song Hot N***# produced by Jungle Beats. The song has caught the attention of Meek Mill, French Montana, and even Beyonce. Yes, Beyonce Knows. (no pun intended) lol.

Adding the fuel to the fire is the dance called the Shmoney Dance that Bobby did in the video. The song is ok, the beat is a Jungle Beat so of course it goes hard, but the dance brought it all together and now the world is doing the Shmoney type of bop. The video has over 2 million views and the social networks are buzzing and when the fan base grows so fast so quickly the record labels start knocking at your door. Epic Records was a label knocking and Bobby answered signing a deal.

Get a hot beat, some lyrics to throw on it, and a dance that is catchy  and has social media going bonkers maybe you can be the next Bobby Shmurda signing record deals, but this story sounds so familiar. Youuuuuu!!! Crank That.





Marcel Bouie