Madame Cavalli

Madame Cavalli



Months ago the world received subtle hints from Rita Ora on her personal Instagram that she had a surprise in store for her fans. Yet as time passed and with no follow ups the world seemed to forget her promise of a surprise. Or at least that was the case until Roberto Cavalli announced that the British singer/songwriter and actress would be the face of Cavalli’s autumn collection.

Aside from her musical talents and exotic beauty, Rita has proven herself to be a capable model. Rita has been the face of Madonna’s clothing line Material Girl, and is currently the face of DKNY. Also it has been announced that Rita will be collaborating with Rimmel on a lipstick line as well as with ADIDAS on their fall collection. It would appear that Rita’s hit song “Hot Right Now” was more than just a number one single and instead a prophecy of what opportunities would present themselves to Rita.

Rita has been spotted on numerous occasions living it lite in Cavalli. Rita’s sheer black Roberto Cavalli gown that she wore to Coachella showcased that she is no novice when it comes to Cavalli.

The photos released featuring Rita in Cavalli’s campaign reveal a platinum haired Rita wearing the exotic prints that Cavalli is known for. Cavalli’s fall collection is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe and it can only be imagined that even Ms. Monroe would have to give kudos to Rita for pulling off her Old Hollywood Bob.

Rita is obviously Living Life Lite and if the rest of us followed her example we may also become what’s hot right now.


BY REGINALD CALHOUN / 2014 #LiveLifeLite


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